I Create Chocolate Worlds On The Mirror Glaze Cakes

You will be amazed by these amazing cake recipes and designed done by 21-year-old Marie, an architect from Moscow. The architect who now studies in Master1 in Arch school Paris-Malaquais has studied in three different schools in Paris to include Alain Ducasse, Michalak, and Bellouet Conseil, as well as interning at Antonio Bachour kitchen in Miami. For more than two years she created architectural cakes. So she has a diverse amount of design knowledge that she uses to create these beautiful and unique cake designs. It is through her education that she began to think out difficult architectural ideas and draw out sketches. She creates the models and the molds herself, and after that, she creates the flavor composition, and from there she creates her art cakes. Her cake recipes are inspired by architecture, and famous architects Gehry, Le Corbusier, Gaudi, Utzon). She is also inspired by architectural objects, cities, artists, materials, and textures. She especially loves to draw chocolate panoramas and create chocolate cities. At the moment she is the brand-chef of the Moscow bakery and is dedicating more time to it. Marie is happy that she made the cakes for different famous Moscow architects and in the future, she wants to open her pastry shop in Paris for architects, architectural students, and artists. How nice it would be to have one of these amazing cake recipes as a kids birthday cake. You will want to take a look at the photo gallery of this amazing designer.

These beautiful cake recipes and designs all use chocolate in part of their designs. And it's no surprise as chocolate has a long and rich history. The history of chocolate begins in Mesoamerica around 1900 BC. Chocolate has been prepared in drink recipes for nearly all of its known history. At an archaeological site on the Gulf Coast of Veracruz, Mexico, there was a vessel found at an Olmec that dates back to chocolate's preparation by the pre-Olmec people all the way back to 1750 BC. And on another site on the Pacific coast of Chiapas, Mexico, there was also evidence of cacao drinks that date back even further, to 1900 BC. The chocolate residues of the drinks and the type of vessel in which they were found show the first use of cacao as not just being a drink recipe, but the white pulp found around the cacao beans was most likely a source of fermentable sugars for what was thought to be an alcoholic drink. By 1500 BC the Aztecs had gained control of a large part of Mesoamerica and adopted cacao into their culture.

It is interesting to know that the Aztecs were unable to grow cacao themselves because they lived in the Mexican highlands which was unsuitable for growing the plant. So chocolate was a luxury that had to be imported into the empire. The people that were ruled by the Aztecs had to offer cacao seeds in payment for the taxes they owed. Cocoa beans were also used as currency. Cacao was also used as a currency with the Aztecs using it in a system in which one turkey would cost around 100 cacao beans and one fresh avocado being worth approximately three cocoa beans.

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