Incredible Cheesy Bacon Loaded 7 Layer Dip

We are featuring this Incredible Cheesy Bacon Loaded 7 Layer Dip recipe. Some things in life are simply destined to be together, especially in the kitchen.

In the world of food, you would be hard-pressed to find a better pairing than bacon and cheese. The delicious marriage between the two is the foundation for a great many appetizers and casseroles, but one of the yummiest I have seen by far is this incredibly indulgent and yet easy to make 7 layer dip. This rich and scrumptious dip is perfect for a Super Bowl party, block party, birthday party, Cinco de Mayo, potluck, or even just a Saturday movie night!

It begins with blending up some pinto beans and spices in a blender until you have a smooth and creamy bean paste ready for the first layer of the dip. The second step is frying up some bacon in a pan until nice and crispy, but wait! Don't get rid of that bacon grease; fry up your Andouille sausage in that beautiful golden flavour-maker! Then, when you thought this recipe couldn't get any more indulgent...set aside the meat and fry up your bean mixture in that same bacon-y sausage-y pan.

At this point the dip is rich and meaty, but needs a little kick right? Well, that's where pickled jalapenos and grated Jack cheese make their appearance. Of course, you wouldn't want that Jack cheese to have to do the work of this dip all on its own, so you'd best add a layer of sharp cheddar and another layer of enchilada cheese, as well. When you have all the layers assembled in proper order, all that's left to do is bake it into ooey gooey flavourful submission in your oven.

Don't forget the piece de resistance, though, which is to broil the dish for about 3-4 minutes at the very end to get that unmistakeable irreplaceable crispy bubbly cheesy top for your fresh tortilla chips to break through!

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