Mexican Casserole Recipe: Chicken Enchilada

Mexican food is so amazing... and probably one of my personal favourite types of food! This awesome Mexican Casserole Recipe: Chicken Enchilada recipe looks like it would be absolutely delicious, and perfect for any night of the week! Mexican food is a favourite type of food for many people. I personally just love the flavours of all the different herbs and spices and the hearty yet healthy meals from Mexican cuisine. The flavours are so grounding and earthy, they and have a nice heat to them that isn't over bearing or too overly spicy, unless you want it to be, of course! The mixture of spices and herbs in Mexican food is so well balanced that it usually doesn't need a very heavy spice, although they always have a spicy salsa if you want to go for it!

Foods like enchiladas have been around for a very long time. Tortillas have been eaten for centuries, and usually everything was eaten with a tortilla, the Mayan and Aztec people were eating foods in tortillas long before the Spanish invaders came from Europe. The Spanish people, then adapted the foods to their own tastes, and now we have things like Enchiladas, which are a very savoury dish with lots of rich tomato sauce and aromatic herbs and spices that make for a delicious pairing to the tortillas that are stuffed usually with seasoned pork or chicken, and then topped with more sauce and some cheese. A lot of the best food seems to have a lot of cream and cheese in it. These types of meals would be considered to be comfort food, for sure. There are so many amazing casserole dishes out there, and enchiladas is totally a Mexican type of casserole. I remember having my first enchiladas in Los Angeles, in California. I remember being so amazed by all of the delicious flavour in the plate of food I was eating. Nothing like anything I had tried in Canada!

For this particular recipe for Chicken Enchiladas, it is quite similar to the traditional recipe. You can even make your own sauce for it instead of buying one pre made from the store. Home made is always better, especially when it comes to cooking Mexican foods, because it puts your heart and soul into it! And of course, you want your own flavour and vibe to be in the dish. The finished product looks amazing, with loads of cheese on the top... all nice and melted, ready to be served. The whole family will be guaranteed to love this dinner, and will want it again and again. You will totally want to save this recipe from '12 Tomatoes' so that you can be able to have it for future use. This may even become a regular meal on your weekly menu! I highly doubt anyone would be complaining if you made this dish every week. Try it out for yourself! It is super simple to make and will impress any one you share it with! Head over to '12 Tomatoes' by following the link in the section below for more!

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