Meet the Surprising, All-Natural, Non-Toxic, Super Effective Toilet Cleaner

Even if you clean your bathroom every week or even every few days, its sometimes hard to remove stains that are caused by the minerals in hard water. If you have some hardened stains in your toilet, than you need to see this video, She Pours Out A Gallon Of Vinegar Into Her Toilet. When She Shows Why? I Ran To Try It Myself! As you will see in this video, vinegar, the very affordable liquid you can find at pretty much any store, or probably have laying around your house, is awesome at cleaning!

I have usually always used vinegar because its an affordable solution to using bleach. Vinegar not only helps to break down stains and minerals but it also helps to disinfect and neutralize odours. Vinegar is an Acetic acid, a weak acid produced by the oxidation of alcohol from wines or ciders. Which is why it is suitable to ingest. It has a pH of around 2-3 and is the only storable food without an expiration date. It has been used since 5000 BC for various things, including first aid, in food like we still do today and even in the military.

I love using vinegar for food and cleaning, we always have a big jug of it in our house. Along side baking soda which is also an awesome natural thing to have around for many purposes. I remember even when I was a kid, my grandma told me to put vinegar on my mosquito bites so they wouldn't itch. I put it on and no more itch! I still use that now! There are so many great purposes for vinegar and as this video shows it can pretty much take out any stain! See it for yourself, you will be amazed!

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