Mini Cherry Cheese Danishes

You are in for a nice and easy dessert recipe treat when you make this Mini Cherry Cheese Danishes recipe. Have you ever really wanted to try to make your own danishes, but all of the work it takes to make them exhausts you before you even start? Well here is a great Mini Cherry Cheese Danishes recipe, that will have you finished and eating a danish in no time at all! Now that the holidays are approaching quickly, people are looking for different things to make to have at their house when people come and visit. It is always really nice to have some snacks and treats to put out for your guests to munch on. It is probably most people's favourite thing about the holidays, is the food we all get to share.

The main thing is, is that it is nice to have some great tasting and easy recipes for this time of year, when everything tends to get so busy. You only usually have a little extra time to prepare these kinds of things, so its good if they don't take a super long time to prepare. These mini cherry cheese danishes fit the bill perfectly in all ways! Not only are they extremely easy to make, they taste really great too. What usually takes the most time and the most fuss is making the bread dough for the danishes. You have to wait for the dough to rise, and you have to knead it a bunch. If you are like most people during the busy holiday season and don't have time for all of that, then that is why you turn to using pre made Pillsbury dough for making flaky buttery crescent rolls.

Yes, you can give yourself a break and use something that is pre made in your dessert recipe! We are all only human, and in this day and age, things can be very busy for people. So why not make things easier on yourself. No one will really know the difference if you don't tell them. So you just take the Pillsbury crescent roll dough, but you don't want to unroll it as you usually would for this danish recipe. You want to cut it into pieces with a sharp knife. Then you basically flatten them out and make a ridge so you can put in the cherry filling, which can simply be a canned cherry pie filling, or you can make your own if you have time. You also make the cream cheese part of the filling and add it into the flattened roll, half and half with the cherry filling and the cream cheese filling. Then all there is to do is bake them, and put the home made icing on afterwards. Sounds so easy right? You could even get the kids in on helping you out with the recipe process.

So there you have it, simple easy to make danishes, for only 20 to 30 minutes of your time! Danishes are a classic recipe that originated in Denmark, they were imported by the Danish people to North America and have been a favourite for people ever since. Sometimes people eat them as a breakfast treat, to start the day or as a dessert, as they are suggested here. The Danish also happens to be an adaptation of the Austrian dessert pastry recipe for Plundergebäck. When the Austrian people came to work with the bakers in Denmark during a strike, they imparted some of their pastry recipes onto them. There are many different types of danish as well, including chocolate danishes, and danishes with just fruit like apple, peach, raspberry (my favourite) or lemon curd. This particular Danish recipe would be perfect for Christmas time because of the red colour and the white of the cream cheese and icing!

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