How Do I Clean Self Cleaning Oven

Baking gooey desserts, yummy cheesy pizza and don’t forget the casserole recipes - your oven, like mine, may sometimes be a disaster. You will be glad to hear that 'Oven Magic' has a how do I clean a self-cleaning oven step by step tutorial. At first it may seem like this cleaning tip is as simple as turning on the oven and letting it do all work. In a sense this is true, but a little more effort is needed for this oven cleaning tip, especially after some of my cooking escapades.

Looking in my oven, I noticed that I have, very skillfully, cooked cheese from my pizza all over the oven racks. Then I noticed something I think is burnt sugar; then over to the middle a sticky mess I think use to be some sort of jam from my tarts or was it tomato sauce, I am not too sure. The first thing I think I have to do is take out the racks, once the oven is cooled that is, I take them out and put them in the sink. According to “oven magic” I can soak them in very hot water, from what I understand though hot water will hinder or stop the power of the enzymes in biological washing powder.

For this stove cleaning tip you will want to know about biological washing power. What is biological washing power? It is a natural cleaning agent that has enzymes in it to help remove dirt and grease. If there are no enzymes it is called non-biological. The water activates the enzymes and it acts almost like a meat tenderizer in softening the tough grease and dirt. Biological washing powder is more of a UK term or cleaning item.

What if you do not live in the UK or cannot get biological washing powder? What can you use instead? There are many products that can and will be useful in cleaning your oven racks. The simplest is warm to very hot sudsy water, using dish soap and perhaps a scrub pad (like a S.O.S pad) if it is really baked on.

How do self-cleaning ovens work? When the self-cleaning feature is selected the oven door should lock and the element will heat up to 500C burning out all the dirt off the oven walls. The self-cleaning cycle will last up to three hours. The oven door will be lock during this time to limit the risk of burns from someone thoughtlessly opening the door during the cleaning cycle.

Before you begin to use your self cleaning oven there are some things you will want to do to prepare your oven first. The first stove cleaning tip when it comes time to cleaning your oven, is to take out all the shelves and supports, so they can be soaked in the sink/bath or a large sized tray with a good solution of biological washing powder and very, very hot water. You will want to soak these for anywhere from one to twenty four hours.

On the Oven Magic site you will find out about this how this company has everything they need to help you clean your oven, stove, AGA or range. The company is located in Droitwich, and also serves the Worcestershire area. They are able to return most of the ovens that they clean to nearly showroom conditions, no matter how much burnt on grease and food there is on your stove. Now this is a cleaning tip we could all use! The oven cleaning company started in 2009, and they have successfully cleaned over 1000 ovens, almost every make and model of range and oven you can imagine. They are experienced when it comes to oven cleaning tips, and oven cleaning solutions. They are experienced when it comes to polishing brass, copper and aluminum. They believe in superior attention to customer service, and they don't mind going the extra mile, as a big part of their business is repeat business and referrals.

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