Pecan Pie Cheesecake Fudge

There are some dessert recipes you can't help but try, for me those often include cheesecake recipes and pie recipes. This "Pecan Pie Cheesecake Fudge," sounds irresistable with three favorites in the title alone. For people who love both pie and cheesecake, this is an epic mix of the two. If you love pecan pie, and you love cheesecake, this cheesecake is totally for you then! Cheesecake is a super popular recipe and has been around since ancient Greek times. It used to be served very simply, with some honey and some fruit. Now just look at all of the different flavours and types of cheesecake that we have available to us! Wow! Pretty much any dessert can be combined with a cheesecake and become a delicious hybrid dessert!! Pecan pie has also been around for a long time, maybe not as long as cheesecake, but it is actually one of the top 5 favourite pie flavours for people in North America. Not surprising, since it is so yummy, and it is easy to make too.

This pecan pie cheesecake fudge is mouthwatering, it would be hard not to eat it all at once! This recipe combines three of the best dessert recipes, pecan pie, cheesecake and fudge, oh my! What an epic and amazing dessert combination, it will have your tastebuds celebrating! The pecan pie cheesecake fudge starts by making a salty crunchy crust made with saltines, which is kind of strange, but ok, I will always try anything once. The next is a layer is made up of pecan pie filling, and on top a cheesecake fudge sprinkled with chopped pecans. The site has step by step instructions with lots of photos, and it doesn't look too difficult to do. Some of the ingredients you will need include brown sugar, condensed milk, white chocolate chips, marshmallow cream, instant cheesecake pudding mix and pecans. Once the recipe is completed you will want to refrigerate it until its set (at least two hours or overnight), then you can remove from the fridge and cut into small squares, to serve at room temperature. The creator suggests hiding the dessert when finished so it doesn't disappear too quickly, or before it makes it to its destination. Good idea Sheryl!

This Lady Behind the Curtain, recipe blog is created by Sheryl. Some of the recipes you will find on this site include fiesta recipes, western recipes, holiday recipes, decorated pretzel recipes, dessert recipes, back to school recipes, appetizer recipes, game day recipes, beverages recipes, semi homemade recipes, bread recipes, breakfast recipes, brunch recipes, light recipes, main dish recipes, burger recipes, pizza recipes, party theme recipes, sandwich recipes, slow cooker recipes, snack recipes, soup recipes, and waffle maker recipes to name a few. You'll also find 60 fudge recipes on this recipe site, yes 60, that in itself makes this site worth looking at! She really does have a lot of amazing recipes on her website! Try out this amazing Pecan Pie Cheesecake Fudge! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Lady Behind the Curtain," website. Happy Baking! Enjoy!

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