Pizza Pot Pie

Did we read this right? Pizza Pot Pie? We all know about Chicken Pot Pie but Pizza Pot Pie! Yes, we read it right and WOW, what a great meal idea.

Simple ingredients go into this tasty pot pie. The recipe calls for a box of Pillsbury Pie Crust, so that's very simple. Of course for those of you that prefer to make a homemade pie crust please do!

The filling has cooked sausage, cream cheese, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and black olives; some oregano and slices of pepperoni! What a winning combination.

Oregano is an essential ingredient in Italian flavoring. It offers an intense flavor and a little goes a long way. You can use either fresh or dried oregano when it is called for in a recipe.

Fresh herbs are becoming more popular and easier to purchase. Dried was popular and the only thing you could find for many years. Most pantries will have a huge variety of bottles of small dried spices lined up. Fresh herbs are just more accessible now than years ago, and the are reasonably priced. Most large groceries store have a section of fresh herbs in small plastic packages. These get kept in the refrigerator and offer you the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful aromas that fresh herbs offer when you are handling them.

Many grocery stores also sell live herbs in 4inch pots. These are great to have in your kitchen. If you have favorable growing conditions, don't kill the plant and don't eat them faster than they grow, you can pinch fresh bits from the plant for many weeks. How wonderful for the consumer that has access to a large variety of fresh herbs.

This Pizza Pot Pie recipe can be found by visiting the 'Oh, Bite It!', website below We all know that almost everyone loves pizza. This dish is like a gourmet version of pizza and would be a pretty impressive meal to serve when you have guests coming to dine.

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