Quick Bread Dough

I seriously don't know anyone who doesn't love a fresh, home baked bread or dough! If you want a super easy bread to make at home, try out this great recipe for Quick Bread Dough! This bread dough doesn't even take longer than an hour to make either. That is how simple and quick this bread dough really is. It isn't the best recipe for a loaf of bread for making toast or sandwiches, just because it is better for eating right that same day that you make it, and using it for other things than bread. So it is more of just a dough than it is a bread. The reason it wouldn't be great for a sliced loaf of bread, is because it doesn't last very long and goes bad pretty fast in that gets stale, and looses it's softness rather quickly. What this bread is good for is making pizza doughs, for making calzones, hot pockets, even sticky buns or cinnamon rolls, all things that you would be eating right away, or at least within a day or so.

Bread and bread doughs are a staple that people have been making and eating for centuries. It has always been an affordable and easy to make food item, that people would be able to make in pinch. It was always made with affordable ingredients they most likely had on hand, things like flour, yeast, sometimes eggs and milk are the only things really necessary to make a good, simple loaf of bread. People have always loved bread, because it just pairs so well with most things, and it fills you up as well. Over the years people have also began to make other things out of bread doughs, which serve to be a base for other ingredients, like flat breads and such that have been used in India and the middle east for centuries. These kinds of bread are different than what we use here in North America, but we also love to eat these types of bread as well. Once you have a great dough recipe, you can pretty much make anything. The dough is the basis and starting point for so many great recipes. So, if you don't have a bread recipe that has been passed down to you, you can always try this one out!

If you are wanting to make some nice cinnamon rolls, or a pizza crust for a pizza you want to make, maybe even some bread sticks that can be enjoyed with dinner, this would be a great dough recipe to try out. She also has a nice bread recipe for a good loaf of bread, that is a nice lasting bread for sandwiches and toast. There are also a lot of other awesome recipes over on this Something Swanky food blog recipe site. You will want to have a look and try out some of the fabulous recipes. Try out both of her bread dough recipes and see what you can make with this dough recipe! And be sure to save the recipes for your recipe book, or pin them on Pinterest to use later on! Head over to 'The Baker Upstairs' for more by following the link in the section below!

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