Salmon Croquettes with Dill and Sriracha Dip

This "Salmon Croquettes with Dill and Sriracha Dip," recipe is light, tasty and easy to prepare. Served with a quick dill sriacha mayo dip, they may just be the best salmon croquettes you've tasted this summer.

These fluffy, almost mousse like salmon croquettes recipe are highly addictive and very easy to make. Instead of finely chopping the salmon, the recipe creator puts the salmon in a blender along with a few of the other ingredients. Putting the salmon in the blender is a quick and easy process, it makes the texture of the fish nice and smooth, almost like Asian fish and beef balls, but less squishy. This salmon croquettes recipe is very tasty on its own with tasty bites of salty and vinegary capers throughout the mix. They taste good with a squeeze of fresh lemon or a little soy sauce, or with the delicious dill and seriatim mayo dip. To make the dill and sriracha dip recipe you only need four ingredients lemon juice, fresh dill, mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. Your kids will like these salmon croquettes too, or serve them at your family get together, or party. You can serve this salmon croquettes recipe with a quick ramen noodle coleslaw or a crunchy quinoa and kale salad with peach dressing. Some of the ingredients you will need for the salmon croquettes recipe are boneless skinless salmon fillet roughly chopped, shredded parmesan cheese, panic breadcrumbs, worcestershire sauce, capers and extra virgin olive oil.

The creator of this recipe site is Caroline, a food blogger and photographer. She started the recipe blog in a small New York City kitchen in 2010 as a way to organize and document recipes she had created on a whim. Blogging was a good way to share her love of Japanese food. Since then she has written for the Huffiest Taste, and was featured in Perfecto Mag. Her recipes have also been mentioned in Bon Appetit, Cooking Channel,,, Buzzed, The Kitchn, and others. She has also been a professional working model for almost 20 years, and lived in many different countries so she has a good knowledge of food, culture and ingredients from her years of living aboad in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

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