She Tosses a Pillowcase Over Her DUSTY Ceiling Fan... AMAZED By the Cleverness of WHY

You will love the reason this lady tosses a pillowcase over her dusty ceiling fan. This is one of those ingenious cleaning house tips that will make your life easier, and one that you will be sure to use again and again. You can never have too many clean house tips. With so much to do, clean home tips help you get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

Some of the other cleaning house tips you will love include using a plastic bag as a kitchen cleanup aid. For help with no-fuss cleanup, instead of peeling your fruits and vegetables over a cutting board or into the sink, do it for a plastic bag or a brown paper bag. When you are done, flip the peelings into the compost and rinse the bag to reuse another day, or simply toss the bag into the trash. Better yet, peel into a brown paper bag and you can put the brown bag right into your compost. For dirty coffee grinders, try putting a handful of grains into the grinder and grinding them up. The fine particles of the grain will absorb stale odors and clean out the residual grounds and oil. Discard the rice and wipe clean. Salt can be a great polishing agent to use for shining brass and copper. You can make a cleaning paste made with a few tablespoons of white vinegar and equal parts of salt and flour. Then apply the mixture with a soft cloth, rinse, and dry. You can also use salt for other clean house tips. Use salt to clean copper saucepan or pots by sprinkling the surface of the pans with some coarse salt. To clean copper bottom pans, sprinkle the bottom of the pan with some coarse salt, then take a cloth dampened with white vinegar and scour away the stains. Salt is a versatile ingredient when it comes to green cleaning. The reason that salt works so well is that it is abrasive and has bleaching properties. Salt is also a natural deodorizer, and when mixed with white vinegar and flour it creates a great cleaning paste.

Use cooking oil to remove adhesives. For stickers that won't come off, try applying some cooking oil to the sticker using a paper towel or a soft cloth, rub firmly, then rinse with some warm soapy water. For stubborn adhesive stickers, use a dab of toothpaste with the oil. You will love this cleaning house tips for the dishwasher. Use a laundry bag as a dishwashing aid to keep mini Tupperware lids, baby-bottle caps, and other small items from falling into the dishwasher rack. You'll also save time by not having to find pieces in the dishwasher. For crayon, pencil and ink marks on painted surfaces try using a damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda. Use walnut as a floor scratch filler. You can repair hardwood floors by rubbing shelled nuts into shallow scratches. The natural oils in the nuts help to hide the flaws. You can also use shoe polish as furniture polish and help spruce up wood furniture by filling in scratches with shoe polish in a similar shade. Thank you to the folks at the "Real Simple" site for sharing these cleaning house tips and plenty of other clean home tips. Visit their site and check out the pillowcase cleaning tip and other helpful information about recipes, food, home, style, life, holidays, shop, organizing and more. **

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