Slow Cooker Bacon Ranch Chicken and Pasta

When you try this "Slow Cooker Bacon Ranch Chicken and Pasta" recipe, you will agree that Ranch dressing makes everything tastes better! This super simple slow cooker pasta recipe is a great weeknight meal to sit down to.

Thank goodness for slow cookers, they have been helping out with family dinners for years. Throwing all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning before you leave for work, and having a delicious meal when you get home is something to be thankful for. This slow cooker bacon Ranch chicken and pasta recipe is so easy to make, you won't believe how great it tastes. Some of the ingredients you will need for this slow cooker bacon Ranch chicken and pasta recipe include chicken breasts, cooked and diced slices of bacon, finely chopped garlic, ranch dressing and seasoning mix, condensed cream of chicken soup, sour cream and pepper. To start spray a four quart slow cooker with cooking spray and place chicken breasts in the slow cooker. Next in a medium bowl, mix the remaining ingredients except for the spaghetti. Pour over top of the chicken.

A slow cooker, otherwise known as a Crock-Pot, a trademark that is sometimes used generically in both the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that is used for simmering, which requires maintaining a relatively low temperature (compared to other cooking methods such as baking, boiling, and frying). The slow cooker allows for unattended cooking for many hours of pot roast, stews, soups, boiled dinners and other suitable dishes, including dips, desserts and beverages. Slow cookers are especially useful for busy cooks, that work during the day.

Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first origins dating back to 1154 in Sicily. It is also commonly used to refer to a wide variety of pasta dishes. Most dried pasta varieties are commercially produced via an extrusion process. Fresh pasta was traditionally produced by hand, sometimes with the aid of simple machines, but today many varieties of fresh pasta are also commercially produced by large scale machines, and the pasta varieties are available in supermarkets. There are approximately 310 specific forms of pasta, known by over 1300 documented names, available in both dried and fresh pasta in a number of shapes and varieties. In Italy the names of the specific pasta shapes or types can often vary with each locale. Pasta used to be eaten plain, so the idea of using tomato sauce to give it flavor was revolutionary. It was known to be eaten with the hands as only the wealthy could afford eating utensils. The way people eat pasta has changed, as it was once a small, simple item, but today it is often eaten in larger portions and as part of complex,and sophisticated dishes.

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