Stove Burners, the Nightmare Job... or Are They?? Not With This Incredible Trick, Just WATCH the Video

If you have a gas stove, you know how hard it can be to get all of the burnt on food that gets stuck all over your burners. But after you watch this video, you will never clean your stove the same way again! I was quite interested to see what this solution was because I do have a gas stove and I always find these burner grates quite difficult to get super clean. The chemical that the lady uses in this video is ammonia, a cleaning agent and once you put this on and follow her directions, your stove grates will come totally clean and spotless. All you need is some ammonia, which tends to be very affordable, and you can find it at almost any hardwares store or multipurpose store.

Ammonia is however, classified as a toxic substance, so its really important that you read some more information about it before you use it, especially if you have pets or children. Ammonia is a liquid substance that when it hits the air, turns to gas with a really toxic smell that can burn when you breathe it in. You should definitely take the proper safety precautions before you use it, for your own health and well being. If it is used too much, it can burn mucus membranes of the throat and nose, as well as the eyes. So do take care when using it. Be safe and do wear a mask and even gloves when you are cleaning with this product. But, the thing is, it works really well to get out all of that stubborn grease and caked on food off of your stove top and burners. You can use ammonia to clean other things, just make sure it doesn't react negatively first though.

I remember using a product that had ammonia in it called degreaser when I used to work for a cleaning company. Even though it was a small, diluted amount in a mixture with water, I would only use it if I really needed to, as I found I was really sensitive to the odour. It is really pungent and if I happened to breathe it in by accident, it would make my nose and throat burn and I would start coughing or sneezing right away. Its almost like the smell takes your breath away, and not in a good way!

This method would be great to use only once in a while, you don't want to be exposing yourself to this chemical all the time. Perfect for is you are cleaning your apartment before moving out of it or something along those lines, like if it has been building up for a long time and you need a quick solution. Your health is more important than getting something absolutely clean and spotless, in my opinion, so don't over do it with this chemical.

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