Study finds bears react to UFOs moving overhead

This incredible, cutting-edge scientific study finds that bears do in fact react to UFOs moving overhead. No, not necessarily alien UFOs, though that is certainly possible as well, given the study, but in this case the research examined what happened when an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flew over the bears' heads for as little as five minutes in each flight. The results were completely unexpected, and revealed that these American black bears do in fact react to "UFOs" flying overhead by exhibiting high stress, displayed through an increase in their heart rates that in one case rapidly increased by over four times as much, which is enormous. The realists of this study completely contradicted the established idea that bears are oblivious to anything flying overhead, an idea that had been entrenched as fact for a very long time.

The experiment was conducted by researchers reporting for an established biology magazine who used GPS collars and cardiac biologgers attached to the bears to measure both their location and heart rates so they could see what effect the UAV had on them as it flew overhead. The results were far beyond what any of the researchers expected, with two flights showing elevated heart rates in all the bears, which is incredible. The truth is that these bears all reacted to the presence of the drone on two flights, so they don't ignore it at all, which was what people previously believed. This study could radically change how we think of protecting wildlife and how to prevent certain human activities that can negatively effect them in various ways.

This study also forces forest rangers and other wildlife officials to consider the negative effect that allowing unmanned aerial vehicles, including drones, to fly over the bears and take pictures may cause. This may lead researchers in the future to develop stealth UAVs that have less of an effect on bears and other wildlife than current models. The reason why this is so important is that when any animal is subject to stress that increases their heart rate, it detrimentally effects their health and could even disrupt their natural behaviour with serious results. For instance, a female black bear may be so terrified by a UAV flying overhead that she runs away from it and leaves her cubs behind who cannot survive without her. It is very important that wildlife preserves and parks potentially ban personal drones and other "UFOs" to prevent the animals from experiencing undue stress, after all how would we feel if a UAV was flying over our heads? I believe we would be pretty stressed by a mysterious flying object, and that could even explain some of the UFO sightings out there that could've been caused by extreme stress from drones or other flying objects.

Now you too can read all about this incredible study that shows how bears react to UFOs moving overhead.

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