The BETTER Way to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

All of us have tried cleaning their kitchen sink many times in their lives because to keep it looking shiny and nice it must regularly be cleaned. There might be a lot of expensive products out in the market that can help you instantly clean your kitchen sink, but in this article you will learn how to clean your kitchen sink in just a few simple steps and it will save a lot of money as well! Unlike cleaning products that contain strong, harmful chemicals, this method is easy and chemical-free.

Here are the things that you are going to need:

liquid soap

wine vinegar

baking soda

rock salt



old rags

nylon or sponge

Do not use bleach as it can damage the stainless steel of your sink. After cleaning, wash and wipe the sink until it is dry. Note: rinse the sink well immediately after using it because food particles can also harm the stainless steel.

Firstly, wet the sink thoroughly and cover the entire sink with baking soda. Next, make a paste out of the baking soda and use it to clean the caulk seal and the entire sink. You can use brush or sponge for this. When scrubbing the entire sink rinse it well, and you can repeat the process as you wish.

Secondly, immerse the paper towel in vinegar and place it on the entire sink. Let it stay for 20 minutes and then throw the paper towel. Next, clean the sink and rinse thoroughly using a sponge that was soaked into water and soap.

Thirdly, this could be optional but there is no harm in trying. Place two ices on the drain and pour rock salt to it as well.

Afterward, turn on the cold water faucet until the ice and the rock salt melt and vanishes.

Another alternative is to use lemons. Cut the lemon into small parts, place it on the drainage and turn on the faucet. Let the water flow directly to the garbage disposal. Lemon can help clean your sink and drainage and at the same time gives you a fresh, lemon scent in the kitchen.

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