The Clever and Easy Way to Clean the Grates on Your Gas Stove!

Do you love cooking? Have you ever seen the grates of your gas stove? Based from my experience, this part of the stove gets so filthy because of the grease of oils and drip of different sauces all from which came from the food we are cooking. Cooking is so easy but cleaning the mess is so hard.

You have to make sure to take out every spot to avoid the breeding of bacteria and germs. Not to mention the foul smelling odor these emit. For those who are not that familiar with the grates of a gas stove, If you take a look on your stove top, these are the black detachable parts that have those little black finger-like structure. This is the part that holds the pots or pans when you cook. Dripping liquid or sauces goes into this part of the stove. Cleaning these grates does not require you any special and expensive ingredients. You only need two and a lot of patience.

If you are new to these cleaning tricks and have no idea what are those common cleaning agents, here is a little something for you. You might be thinking what is clear ammonia and why do you have to use it. Clear ammonia is used for household cleaning purposes. There two types available such as the clear and the sudsy ammonia. Clear ammonia is mostly used to clean many surfaces. It is a strong solvent that helps in remove molds and mildew, cleans porcelain or ceramic tile. But be very careful in using this because it might cause some respiratory problems if used in a confined space and also this liquid is flammable. This gives a “squeaky clean” effect to the surface you are cleaning.

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