The Wonders Of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

Before huge corporations came around and took over almost everything, people used to use simple things that they made at home to take care of all their daily chores. One of those products that each and every house had was vinegar, and now you will be enlightened to the many wonders of Heinz cleaning vinegar. Now if you're not sure what the difference between regular vinegar and cleaning vinegar is, essentially they're the same but the cleaning vinegar is a higher percentage of alcohol that makes it a stronger cleaning agent. I actually discovered the wonders of Heinz cleaning vinegar some years ago, and I've been cleaning my entire house with it ever since. Let me tell you in all honesty, I've never looked back. It's incredible all the wonderful properties this simple product boasts. Not only can we use it for food, but we can also use to clean almost anything in the house, we can use it to rinse our hair, and finally we can even use it as a rinsing agent for our clothes. Is that not incredible?

If you do a quick google search, you will quickly realize just how many articles there are on the many wonders of Heinz cleaning vinegar. There are literally hundreds of them. For example, have you ever had a clogged drain? Lets be real here, of course, you have! We all have. And now, when you have a clogged drain what do you do? Up until a few years ago, I would use a product called "Draino" it's this horrible toxic stuff that plummets through whatever is trapped in that little pipe. It's highly toxic, irritating to the skin and eyes, and can cause a multitude of damage to your health if accidentally inhaled or swallowed. Alas, this situation applies to many of our standard household cleaning agents. In recent times, however, there has been an increase in the number of people looking for more gentle ways to clean their home. Now we can spread the knowledge that you don't need to resort to that horrible draino anymore. Instead you can throw down some baking soda into the drain, then follow up with some vinegar. The reaction creates enough pressure to get things to move along in the pipe again so that your water can drain the way it's supposed to - no harsh chemicals needed! It's as simple as making a volcano explode for an elementary science class. Bonus points if you involve your kids and show them how to clean out a drain while teaching them about the science behind the reaction!

Even if you don't have kids at home, you can still ignite the kid in you and watch in amazement as this incredibly cheap and versatile product does its magic. And as I mentioned, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many great ways you can use vinegar in daily life. Many people have started to catch onto a trend called the "no poo do" which is a way of washing your hair without shampoo. There is a multitude of different alternatives you can use instead of shampoo, and one of them is to wash your hair with baking soda, rinse it out, then condition your hair using vinegar.

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