Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Close Encounters With Aliens

Lately, we've been talking a lot about aliens, most famous alien abductions and other recovered aliens in the past. But did it ever come into your mind that maybe celebrities have also experienced the ‘alien fever’? “I haven't thought about that.” Well, pal, it’s time for you to think about it. Did you know that one of the world’s most prominent figures in the field of music, sports, and show business has their alien encounter? *silence* “I have no idea.” Don't worry, I'll give you ideas. *winks* Here are some of the celebrities who claimed to have encountered extraterrestrial beings.

Grease’s actress, Olivia John-Newton, has claimed that she has seen a UFO when she is still a teenager. The silver UFO is flying across the sky at such incredible speeds. However, not many have chosen to believe her. But John Travolta, her love interest in the film, would probably do. John is a Scientologist and being a part of this religion, and being the most prominent member of it also, he believes in aliens. Another celebrity who has said to have encountered aliens is one of my favourite singers, Robbie Williams. Williams have gone through ‘alien episodes’ in some parts of his life that put his career at risk. He claims to have seen aliens at his recording studio while recording the song ‘Arizona’. He also says that, every time he sings that track the ball will appear and disappear every time he finishes.

And who would have thought that the King of Rock ‘n' Roll has his alien story too? Well, as they say, the young Elvis Presley have been visited by aliens and showed him his bright future ahead. And according to some, Presley did not die. It is believed that aliens took him with them. Well, they might be planning to make Elvis Presley their real King, perhaps.

Here are only some of the celebrities with ‘alien fever’. To read more about it, just click on the link below and see if your favourite celebrities have a story to tell. *winks*

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