What To Do If You Own a Property Near Area 51

What would you do if you owned a property near Area 51? That is one question that has recently come to haunt the current owners of the Sheahan mining camp in Nevada, which sits within viewing distance of the secret Government facility. Having long suffered at the hands of the Government, who have tried fruitlessly until now to evict them forcibly from their land, they have now gone public with apparently nothing left to lose. Their history of ownership goes back some 130 years, to the days of the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant, when their family started mining for silver and gold in the area. According to the two remaining descendants of that family, their grandparents were blown up as a result of an errant bomb or downed plane on their property that also destroyed their mine. They tried to bring legal action against the Government for the damage, but ran out of money fighting them in court, the family says.

In recent years, this family have been threatened repeatedly by the Government for trying to even access their private land, and recently been told to accept over five million dollars for their 400 acres of property, which they feel is an insultingly low offer for their family's long-held lands, or have it either condemned or seized by eminent domain. These poor people seem to be paying the ultimate price for owning a parcel of land near what has become an infamous secret facility rumoured to be housing Government secrets from the last century. It makes the goings-on in Area 51 even more suspicious, given that it seems they will do anything to buy out this land which borders the base.

My heart goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Sheahan, who have been insulted and violated in the past by the huge reach of the Government when it comes to Area 51. I personally believe there are secrets in Area 51 that the Government does not want the rest of us to know about, what exactly those secrets are is up for debate, but their behaviour only reinforces the fact that something is not right when it comes to this base. They not only violate the rights of citizens living nearby, but they have an aggressive and unconstitutional stance that whoever lives nearby has to be removed against their own free will. Apparently there is something going on in Area 51 that is so important that there can be zero risk of someone stumbling upon it. Many believe it has to do with aliens and crashed UFOs, and it seems like we will never know since this highly guarded facility sure isn't going to be open to the public anytime soon. One thing we can all agree on though is that the Government should protect people, not try to scare them off their land or intimidate them in, because that is a Government none of us want to be a part of.

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