Trending Foods Of The Year: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Trending foods, baby! Well, my boyfriends…take note, with ‘s’, are giving color and fulfillment to the world once again. Wait, they're always doing that. That’s why we're in a relationship. Oh, I love you, food. Please, marry me! “Yes, I will. We'll live happily ever after. Together.” *blushes* eyes sparkle* Ok, too much sweetness. I don't want to make you jealous of the awesome relationship I have with my boyfriends. Anyway, one of the top trending foods we got here is barbecue. Who doesn't love food on a stick?! “Well, I don't like barbecues. Who invented them, anyway?” Shush! You’re not included here. It’s only me and my people so just go somewhere and ask yourself why you exist, ok? “Ok.” Great! *goes away* Now, let’s have chitchat about my boyfriend barbecue!

Barbecues, also known as or ‘barbies’ can be an event or meal at which food is cooked outdoors over an open grill or fire. There is a cooking device called a barbecue grill. To some, barbecue and grilling are two confusing words. Even to me, actually. However, according to Wikipedia, “while there is a vast degree of variation and overlap in terminology and method surrounding this form of cooking, the generally accepted difference between barbecue and grilling is in the cooking time and type of heat used: Grilling is generally done "hot and fast" over direct heat from low-smoke fuels (with the flame contacting the meat itself), while barbecuing is usually done "low and slow" over indirect heat from high-smoke fuels (with the flame not contacting the meat directly).” Uh-huh, that is something. Now I know! *winks* Like I said, the definition of barbecues could be a meat, cooking apparatus, or an event. The word ‘barbecue’ can also be used as an adjective. Barbecue as a verb? Definitely! Wait, is there anything it can’t do? I won't be surprised if barbecues become a figure of speech next time!

There are different techniques in barbecuing: smoking, roasting and braising. Smoking is the process of flavoring and cooking food by “exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood.” You ever heard of smoked fish and smoked meat? Well, there are the ones who are commonly smoked. The next technique is roasting. I know what comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘roasting’. Roasted chicken! *heavy breathing* We’ll have that later. *winks* Roasting is a process of cooking meat by dry heat in an oven. The last technique is braising. I am not really familiar with this method. According to the dictionary, it is a process of “cooking slowly in fat in a closed pot with little moisture.”

Barbecues are one the most delicious food to have and share with your family and friends. A gathering without it is incomplete! “I still don't like barbecues, though.” I thought you were gone! Oh please, stay 786,947 light-years away from me, before I stab you with a barbecue stick, ok? “Ok.” Good. Visit 'Trending Topics Now' website below for more!

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