Turn a VINTAGE SUITCASE into a Doll House..LOVE This Idea!

Every kid loves their toys, but what if they could help make their own toys? You could turn a vintage suitcase into a doll house... don't you love this idea? There are so many different toys available on the market these days. It seems like the minute something becomes popular, it's allure is quickly replaced by something shinier and seemingly better. Over the years toys and other items have been created to be mass marketed to make a profit, so sometimes things of this nature can lose their appeal quite quickly. Handmade, quality items on the other hand, seem to have lasting value, and some sentimental value as well. Especially when you've made something yourself, or received it as a gift from someone who made it for you. This is one of those diy ideas you could buy for a child in your life who loves dolls, or architecture. If the child would be into creating a cool, custom modelled house, you could even use this idea to help them make their own suitcase house. Kids love to dream and imagine their ideal home, so this could be the perfect activity for them to express some of their ideas. Or, you could make it for a child in your life as a birthday gift or even a Christmas gift.

This diy idea gives us inspiration for one of the many ways to recycle old suitcases, especially cute vintage ones. Do you ever spot a pretty old suitcase or travel bag at a garage sale or thrift store, but you don't have any use for it yourself? You may already have a couple of old suitcases that you don't use any more because the newer ones are much easier to carry and travel with. So dust those old cases off and bring them to life with an awesome project like this. If you wanted to create a similar project as seen on the website, all you would need is an old suitcase, some doll house furniture and decor and any other additions you'd like to have. It would be fun to get some home decor magazines and some wallpaper scraps from thrift stores to add some nice elements to your house. Cut out the art you see in magazines and frame it on the walls of the little house. Real wallpaper and carpeting really bring that sense of a real home into the project so you could also find ways to recycle left overs from decorating your own real house to decorate your mini house.

In the doll houses on the Suitcase Doll House website, they have even made doors and windows in the upper part of the suitcase which really makes it feel like a real house. For their different projects, they have used different colours of paint and each of the dioramas has it's own unique style and personality. They even make some mini houses out of old cigar boxes which are even tinier than the suitcase houses. Marisa and David are the creators of these fabulous little treasures. They love creating art, especially if they can up cycle materials. They live in New Zealand with their two children and farm animals, Marisa is a filmmaker and designer, and she has always loved anything miniature. David is in carpentry so the idea felt natural to them to join creative forces and make these fun diy projects together. They have an online store through Etsy where people can purchase their houses and the prices are anywhere from $25 - $500 depending on the size of the dollhouse. They even make these cute little mini bus shelters with people in them that they sell in their shop. Have a look and purchase your very own suitcase dollhouse, or create your own unique style.***

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