Two Drops of Dish Soap and a Bowl of Vinegar... What Does it Do?

Two Drops of Dish Soap and a Bowl of Vinegar... What Does it Do? You will love this simple dishwashing liquid soap trick to getting rid of fruit flies in your home. There are times of the year when fruit flies make an appearance, and it can seem almost impossible to get rid of then. But with this simple trick that uses ingredients that you most likely already have in your home, you can get rid of the annoying flies. All it takes is a mix of about two to three drops of dishwashing soap into a bowl with some white distilled vinegar to help trap fruit flies. You'll want to leave the mixture on your kitchen counter or table. The white vinegar will help to attract the fruit flies, and the dishwashing liquid soap will keep the fruit flies from flying out of the water. A drop of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle of water can also be used to help guard houseplants. Use the simple spray to mist house plants to keep them bug-free. You can also use some dishwashing liquid soap and water to rid your home of ants, wasps, and roaches. Instead of using toxic chemicals in your home you can use a teaspoon of all eco friendly dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle and fill it the rest of the way with water, then shake it well to mix. Then spray the mixture onto the pests to kill them almost instantly. You can also use a mixture of dishwashing liquid soap and water to get rid of fleas. Spray the mixture onto carpet and upholstery in your home. The dishwashing liquid soap will dry up the fleas, and after about 15 minutes you can then vacuum away the residue. You can also bathe your cats and dogs in all natural dishwashing liquid soap to kill fleas on contact.

This simple dishwashing soap and white distilled vinegar trick isn't the only thing that you can use white distilled vinegar for around the house. White vinegar is made from soured fruit juice, grain or wine and contains about five percent acetic acid, which makes vinegar a mild acid. The disinfectant properties of white vinegar work well for all sorts of safe, nontoxic household cleaning projects. White vinegar is effective at cutting grease, removing stains, and as a water softener. White vinegar can also be used to dissolve mineral deposits, removing traces of soap, grease, removing mildew or wax build up, polishing some metals and as deodorizers. Vinegar can clean brick or stone, and can be used as an ingredient in some natural carpet cleaning solutions. Vinegar is typically used in a cleaning solution mixed with water, but can also be used straight. Not only is white distilled vinegar an ingredient you can use in a variety of recipe ideas, but it serves as an effective non-toxic, green cleaning supply and all-natural cleaning solution in your home. White distilled vinegar has a wide range of uses, like removing odors out of rooms, cleaning light fixtures in your bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms, removing spills and stains from carpets, cleaning windows, and so much more. The best part about using white vinegar for cleaning tips and life hacks is that it's inexpensive so you can save money.

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