UFOs Have A Long History of Showing Up at Wartime

When we think of UFOs, we think of the super natural, the science fiction and fantasy. But UFOs Have A Long History of Showing Up at Wartime, as many people have seen these unidentified flying objects. But are they called that because people truly don't know what they are? Or is it because people are afraid and unwilling to admit to what they really are? We humans always seem to need to have an explanation or proof of something. But there are things in this universe that we cannot explain in linear terms and that cannot fit into the constrictive forms of science. Not everything must be totally known, that is what makes life so much fun and makes it an adventure. Because sometimes we don't know, and we can't explain everything all of the time. It seems to be our fear of the unknown that is what troubles humans the most. People would have a much easier time if they were to just let go and surrender to the unknown.

There have been many sightings of UFOs or space ships, over the course of the history of our humanity. There have been records of this in sacred and ancient texts, and there have been petroglyphs and other drawings left behind. There have even been actual space ships that have landed or crashed on earth, and people have found them. But it just has never been released to the public. Just like all of the sightings, like the ones in this great article. When you see the amount of UFOs that have been seen by people, you will be able to see that our galactic kin have been visiting us for ever. There are many instances where UFOs have been spotted around war time, like you will see. It is thought that these beings are higher advanced beings in their ways, and they don't even have wars. They like to check in on us from time to time and monitor what we are doing perhaps. More and more people are accepting that we are not the only beings in the universe, and that to think that we are, is very naive.

Some of the sightings that you will see in this awesome post, are events like people seeing space ships around the White House, people seeing ships around fighter planes that were fighting in wars, like World War II. There are stories of seeing ghost fighter planes in the sky, that had no distinctions or symbols on them. And haunted air craft carrier boats. Sometimes they were even called foo fighters, thought to be super weapons, or something, but they were not. There are so many other stories that are so interesting to read. They all leave you to think for yourself, and have your own thoughts about what might be. So what do you think about UFOs, have you ever seen one yourself? Enjoy reading this article and seeing the pictures that come along with them. There are also a lot of other cool articles on this website too! Enjoy exploring!

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