Use Wooden Spoon to Know When Oil is Ready For Frying

Deep frying can be tricky, but you can follow this great kitchen tip and Use Wooden Spoon to Know When Oil is Ready For Frying. Thanks to the folks over at Lifehacker, you can learn this handy kitchen trick to see when your oil has reached its optimum heat for frying foods. Frying is one of the many methods we have devised to cook our food, and while it is not one of the most sophisticated or fancy ways of cooking food, it can render some delicious results that you just don't get from cooking food in other ways. There are so many recipes that call for deep frying as a part of the recipe. There is the always famous fried chicken of course, that is coated in a nice thick patter of flour and seasonings, as well as battered and fried fish and shrimp. Then, there are of course deep frying recipes for fries which are deep fried potatoes, and even fried vegetables can be yummy. At carnivals people have even started to get into deep frying all sorts of different foods like chocolate bars and even ice cream. Basically you can deep fry anything these days and know that it will probably taste good.

Frying food is one of the quickest ways to cook food, oil reaches its boiling point much quicker than water does. The food items that are fried also maintain their hardness better than boiling them. Frying food gives the food a nice, crispy and flavourful taste and the oil can really enhance the flavour of the food. When deep frying food, the layer of fat around the food browns and becomes crispy because of the high oil heat. The layer of crispy crust around the food that is being fried conducts heat to the food it is surrounding and cooks it to a perfect soft, yet still firm texture, locking all of the flavour inside. It is so important to make sure that the oil is not too hot or not to cold to ensure the best results for the food being served. If the oil is too hot, the outside layer will burn and the food inside will be uncooked, and if the oil is too cool, the outside layer of fat or batter will brown to slowly causing the inside food to be soggy and oily. So you can see why making sure the temperature of your oil is right is so crucial.

If you enjoy deep frying your food occasionally, you might not own a deep fryer, so you have to make do the old fashioned way with a deep pot and a large amount of oil. Without having the access to the handy dandy cooking appliances that will tell you when its ok to add in your food, you might be at odds trying to figure out when the oil is hot enough to cook with. Well you don't have to own any fancy kitchen machinery to tell you when your oil is hot enough, just grab one of your handy dandy wooden spoons from your kitchen cupboards and you are all set. The spoon acts as a tester to see if the oil will fry something, and the material it is made out of won't burn or melt in the process, so you can be sure it is a safe bet. It might even be safer than splashing a small amount of water into the oil, which could cause the oil to splatter if you are not careful and harm you, or even start a fire. Always be very careful when cooking with large amounts of oil, and always have some baking soda by your side in case it happens to catch fire. Hopefully this cooking tip helps you to deep fry more efficiently and to create amazing food. Check out more awesome kitchen tips, cooking tips, food tips, recipes and more over at Lifehacker.

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