Blackberry Cheesecake Bars On A Vanilla Pecan Crust

Fresh blackberries. There is no other berry that can be compared to this one. If you never have had the taste experience of fresh blackberry cheesecake bars on a vanilla pecan crust in this lifetime, then maybe it's just right that you now include it on your bucket list. Life is going to be so much sweeter once you have experienced it, especially if you are the one who bakes it. You could prepare this dessert during holidays and birthdays for your loved ones, and we’re sure that this recipe is going to drive them a little bit crazy. As long as it’s done right, then you and your loved ones are about to experience this mouthwatering blackberry cheesecake bars in complete euphoria.

Once you have tasted this, you will realize you won’t be able to live without blackberries anymore. It is that good! Cooking it will be divided into two sections, because you will need to work on both its crust and its filling. The ingredients are not that hard to look for in your nearest supermarkets, although the blackberries may need to be in season for you to find them in your area. For the crust, all you will need is aluminum foil, vanilla wafers, pecans, melted butter and vanilla. The filling will require ingredients like cream cheese, sugar, eggs and some sour cream. And for the topping, you must ready your blackberries with sugar and cornstarch.

This layered dessert may look complex and but it is not difficult to make. Desserts can be a lot of work and some recipes have more techniques than others but this three layer dessert with its ingredients and directions can be found at the “Hugs and Cookies XOXO” website below. You will be able to see for yourself that you can prepare it too!

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