Yum Chicken Enchilada Bake!

Do you find enchilada recipes very enticing to eat? Well, you feel the same way as many people as a lot of people in the four corners of the world love to eat enchiladas. Who would not love this mouth-watering dish, by the way? By just looking at its appearance, you will feel a relaxing feeling, and this will only enhance as you taste it in your mouth. The truth is, enchiladas are corn tortillas that have a mixture of delicious foods inside, and these have chili pepper sauce that covers the whole dish. The ingredients that you can use as fillings can be seafood, meat, cheese, vegetables like potatoes and beans, or a combination of these foods.

It is in the beautiful country of Mexico where the enchilada originates. It was in the Maya times when this kind of food was firstly invented. One enchilada recipe that is starting to become famous in the food industry is the Chicken Enchilada Bake. This dish is made from several main ingredients that are bound together with crunchy tortilla toppings and homemade enchilada sauce. These main ingredients are chicken, and rice baked with corn and black beans. The homemade enchilada sauce is one thing that makes this dish extra delectable. What is even better about this is you can make the enchilada sauce in a very simple way. You only need tomato sauce, chicken broth, a small amount of flour, garlic, and onion. For seasoning, you must get ahold of some high-quality chili powder. If you want your Chicken Enchilada Bake to be hot and spicy, then all you need to do is add some of cayenne pepper, depending on the level of spiciness and hotness of the dish.

You do not need to spend a considerable deal of money for this dish. You can use some rice and chicken leftovers that you have got. See? It is very easy to prepare this particular enchilada recipe. Now it is time for you to enjoy!The link to the recipe is found on the "Sweet Little Bluebird" website below.

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