14 Types of Food That Can Make You Sick

You will want to be aware of these 14 Types of Food That Can Make You Sick. No one wants to experience food poisoning, but often its difficult to know which foods are safe to eat, especially because food poisoning is relatively rare. Food poisoning is a horrible experience, and can even be potentially life-threatening. Knowing which foods are potentially risky can help you to avoid food problems. It also helps to know which of the FDA-regulated foods are most often linked to food poisoning outbreaks that tend to be the same year after year. This is a list that includes produce, seafood, egg, and dairy products, but not meat. You want to be aware of the risk, but you also don't want to avoid these types of food. They are foods that are part of a healthy diet.

The first food on the list is salad greens. This includes lettuce, endive, escarole, spinach, cabbage, kale, arugula, and chard. Yes, salad greens are everywhere and most likely something that you have almost everyday as part of a healthy diet. But unfortunately, salad greens also caused 262 outbreaks that involved 8,836 reported cases of food illness between the years of 1998 and 2008 this according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its important to know that salad greens can be contaminated by manure, unwashed hands, or dirty water rinses before you even purchase them. Not a nice thought, is it? But its the truth so to avoid getting sick, you want to wash produce and prevent cross-contamination by washing hands and using separate cutting boards. Next on the list of foods to watch out for, is eggs. This popular addition to breakfast recipes was linked to at least 138 outbreaks since 1998, most often due to the Salmonella bacteria. This bacteria can lurk inside the egg, so the only way to avoid is by properly cooking the food which in turn kills the germs. You want to avoid eating any products that contain raw eggs; this includes cookie dough. And always refrigerate eggs before using them. Next on the list is meat.

We have all heard a story or two of meat related food illnesses. Meat caused at least 33,000 illnesses from the years 1998 to 2010, this according to a CSPI report. Chicken was the top food offender, with 455 outbreaks linked to almost 7,000 food illnesses. Ground beef was second on the list. In August of 2013, 50,000 pounds of ground beef were recalled due to possible contamination with the dangerous E. coli O157: H7. Raw food from animals, meaning undercooked meat, raw milk, raw eggs, and raw shellfish are the most likely foods that can be contaminated. To avoid meat-related illnesses you want to treat uncooked meat and poultry as potentially contaminated. Always make sure to cook meat thoroughly. And always clean any surfaces that meat has come into contact with, and follow the FDA guidelines on food prep to avoid getting sick.

If you pay close attention and always properly clean, and cook certain food properly you should be able to avoid getting any food related illnesses. On the Health site, you will find all sorts of natural remedies, recipes, food tips, food ideas, and ideas to live a balanced life. Some of the things you will find on the site include healthy and happy, diet and fitness, food and recipes, beauty, videos, health A to Z, and so much more. On the site you will find everything from weekly meal plans to must eat foods, and everything in between.

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