19 People Who Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Cook

When it comes to making food at home, some people enjoy making extravagant meals while others just wing it. You will get a kick out of these 19 People Who Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Cook. Learning how to cook and bake is a skill, and just like any other skill it takes time and practice to learn and get good at doing it. Many people who love cooking start to make meals at a young age so that they can begin to experiment and enjoy taking up a hobby that they can have throughout their lives. People who are interested in cooking usually learn how to cook from family members and then they take on making new recipes on their own starting with simple ones and moving their way up to more complex ones. Even though there are many really easy recipes out there, some people who don't really know how to cook very well yet just put together a few things that are in their fridge and pantry and call it a day. While these weird foods don't look the most appetizing, maybe someone enjoyed them in all of their simplicity.

Some of this funny food from the Buzz Feed post is just laughable, because we have probably all done these things at one point or another. Sometimes you are really tired and you just want a simple quick snack so you just throw a few things on a plate and microwave it. Its not gourmet but it gets the job done when you just want something to snack on. Some of the ones you might find relatable on this likes of 19 weird foods that people made are perhaps the cheese slice microwaved over a handful of nacho chips. Or how about cheese toast where you just simply melted the slices of cheese on the bread, nothing fancy just plain old cheese bread. You can bet that there are a lot of people who have done the spaghetti with "tomato sauce" and just used ketchup... It is definitely gross, but to each their own. There are plenty of other interesting food photos on this list like the spaghetti taco, or the mayonnaise and mustard sandwich. Or how about the caesar wrap made with a hot dog and some salad? There is even a full on hotdog sandwich with sliced hot dogs and cheese between bread. One of the weirdest of weird foods on this list has to be a cheerio casserole. We can't be too sure what exactly is in it, but it doesn't look awesome. Or how about the vegan cookies? They don't really look too appetizing either. Or how about cold tuna tacos? They didn't even bother to melt the cheese on these ones. You know you are getting really cheap when a cheese plate consists of processed cheese, olives and mini pickles like number 4 shows.

Of all the interesting food in the world, these photos show that people everywhere sometimes just end up making the easiest food possible. If you are looking for more funny posts like this one you can browse around some more on Buzz Feed where you will find some of the funniest photos and articles. Sometimes you just need something to brighten your day and a reason to laugh and Buzz Feed succeeds at giving us all plenty of reasons to laugh out loud. They do food posts, posts on animals and people, funny GIFs, and videos. Buzz Feed even features DIY quizzes and news. You can find out the latest trends on the internet so you are up to date with all that is funny in the world. So even though you might not try any of these weird foods, it is worth looking just for some fun.*

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