36 Favorite Cake Mix Recipes

The 36 cake mix recipes we are going to feature are going to give you some great ideas for some pretty fabulous desserts.

The versatile boxed cake mix was developed in the 1940's. It is a very convenient item that produces consistent results.

Did you realize it took almost a decade for Betty Crocker to develop cake mix? In 1943 test kitchens and labs at Betty Crocker starting making mixing and sending out to the public for testing. It took some time as consumers preferred their own homemade cakes. Mixes started with powdered eggs, and that was not well received as the fresh factor seemed to be missing. So, they removed the powdered eggs, and the directions on the cake mixes asked to add a fresh egg. After that, the cake mix started its success story.

In 1949, Betty Crocker cake mixes were in wide use. Consumers were happy with the original product until when in the 1950's, and 1960's they wanted more variety. It was at this time Yellow, White, Marble, and Chocolate Malt were added along with Honey Spice and the Angel Food cake.

In the 1960's the all in one cam to be including mix and the aluminum foil pan to bake it in. 1968 brought Devil's food and Peanut butter. All was going well in the cake mix industry. 1964 brought products that were richer, moister and tastier than ever. By 1976, you were able to buy all you needed just in one box to whip up a great dessert.

1980's brought more decadence along with microwavable cake mixes. 1990 brought healthier low fat cakes and the Super Moist layer cake.

2000 and beyond just kept increasing flavors, product just as the pudding mix and frosting.

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