Alien Star Map Found In Kupang, Indonesia?

Back in 1992, this stone with carvings, was discovered by archaeologist CA Castillo in a cave on Mount of Satan in Kupang, East Nus Tenggara, Indonesia. He had been exploring inside the cave at the Mount Of Satan one night, when he discovered the rock, which appeared to be two pieces of stone fused together. He then realized that there were drawings carved into the rock that seemed to be calling out a message. As you will see in this video on You Tube, you can see that the drawings resemble the Sun, and the planets in our solar system, a big star burst and two human figures. There is also a Pioneer plaque beside to compare to, which is one of the plaques designed by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake in the 1970s, sent out on a mission on Pioneer 10, so that any beings in the universe could communicate to us through them. As you will see, the images are very much the same, but reversed. There is no such thing as coincidence now!

The stone also has been reported to have magnetic properties and is radio active, which happens anytime it is around anything electronic. It could be because of its powerful energy as even crystals vibrate at a higher rate than most physical items. The archaeologist soon passed away 2 years after his discovery of an illness. So the stone is now in his family's possession. The Mount of Satan area in Kupang has had reports of UFOs as well, people have seen neon lights hovering over the mountain and there were three black dots that manifested when a UFO landed there.

I feel that the explanation is very simple, though not many people accept we have galactic family out there, I feel we do, and feel that these are messages from them explaining who they are and where they come from. People want answers so they are giving them to us. The star system they describe, the cluster of seven stars and a sun which is the Pleiades star system. They point directly to it from Earth. The man and woman figures are them, the Pleiadians who do look like us but they have more of a higher frequency ligt body and are more advanced in how they work with and harness energy. Which is why they have the light burst by their figure. Its like they drew the man waving to show that they mean no harm.

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