Chocolate Covered Fresh Strawberry Pound Cake

Chocolate dessert recipes have the power to transfix us, to make us stop everything we are doing just to take a look at the chocolate inspiration. This "Chocolate Covered Fresh Strawberry Pound Cake," has that power, one look and you want to start baking. The awesome thing is, that these types of desserts are so fun to make and you can enjoy creating them like a piece of art to share with everyone. Cakes have been something that people have been making for centuries! They ranged in the flavour and the way that they were made, but they were always something that was made as a little treat for after dinner or for special occasions, just like they are today! If you love strawberries and if you love chocolate, you will be sure to absolutely love this cake and enjoy it bite by bite. Chocolate and strawberries go together so nicely, the bitter yet sweet flavour of the chocolate, compliments the sweet yet tart or sour flavour of the strawberries. Doesn't that sound amazing? This would be an amazing Valentine's Day cake to make your sweetheart.

This rich, buttery, and moist strawberry pound cake is swirled with fresh strawberries, and covered in a smooth and silky chocolate ganache. You'll want to try this recipe while the local strawberries are still in season, it's the perfect summertime chocolate strawberry cake recipe. Chocolate covered strawberries, in a strawberry cake, what could be better! This chocolate covered fresh strawberry pound cake recipe is rich, soft and so moist, with an amazing strawberry taste. The 5 minute silky chocolate ganache recipe that goes on top makes it perfect. You'll want to prepare the chocolate cake recipe first, and once it is baked let it cool. This is when you can prepare the silky chocolate ganache recipe, it's quick and easy (don't let the ganache name scare you), for this recipe you'll need some heavy cream, butter, semisweet chocolate, and vanilla, follow the directions and you will be amazed at how delicious this is (you can even use this ganache recipe for chocolate glazed donuts, yum!).

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