Cleaning The Oven Challenge

Summer’s just around the corner, and many of us are up to our elbows in spring cleaning – “Hurry, let’s get it done now before the beautiful weather arrives and we don’t want to be indoors again for the next three months!” And, if you’re like us, you will have a long list of your least favourite spring cleaning duties. We have so many, but one of the worst for us is cleaning the oven. That’s why we’ve done some serious research before we take up the Cleaning the Oven Challenge!

Why do we hate cleaning the oven? Because, in the past, all of that disgusting, smelly baked-on grease has required some major chemicals to remove it. And, let’s be honest, we don’t really relish the idea of wrecking our backs, necks, and knees by kneeling down and sticking our heads in the oven for over an hour. Sheesh. “There’s gotta be a better way!”

Well, our good friend Tiffany over at “The Nest Effect” has come up with a stove cleaning solution we think you’ll like as much as we do. If you check out her blog, you’ll see it comes complete with before and after pictures and they’re mighty impressive. “What?! She didn’t use any horrible toxic chemicals to get it that clean?” That’s right! She used an all-natural product, did not tax the environment, and got absolutely top-notch results. “How’d she do it?” you might ask? It didn’t take her any longer than ten minutes. She did have to scour just a wee bit, but she did not have to follow any complicated instructions, wait an hour, or even turn the oven on.

Tiffany used to hate cleaning her oven, especially with all those terrible toxic chemicals that had to be sprayed onto the oven after preheating it, not nice at all! Then she discovered a house cleaning ideas from a product from Shaklee called Scour Off, it changed how to cleaned her oven for the better. All you have to do is wet a cloth or a sponge and wipe the product all over the areas in the oven that need to be cleaned. Then simply let it sit for approximately the minutes, and wipe it off. That's it, so simple. It doesn't smell terrible. If you have some spots that require a little more cleaning, just use a scouring pad, and you can get rid of the tougher stuff with just a bit more scrubbing. You'll want to take a look at her before and after photos, you'll be impressed. This is a stove cleaning tip that you will love, and it's as easy as using a household cleaner that is environmentally friendly.

Tiffany, is the creator of this cleaning tip, organization, inspiration, do it yourself and life blog, where you will find a variety of things to keep you busy. She currently lives in Ogden, Utah, and is a grade six teacher. She started blogging in 2009 with the Real Simple Saving Methods, she has since left that site and started her own in 2011. She started her site as she wanted to share all sorts of topics that she chose, and she liked the personal freedom her own blog afforded her. She enjoys writing her blog, and keeping her readers inspired. She never feels like writing is a chore, she enjoys it. On the site you will find kitchen cleaning tips, how to clean your stove, house cleaners, and more.

On the site you will also find articles about conquering your paper clutter; a home management binder where you can learn how to set up a binder with a calendar and house cleaning ideas; her classroom, how her classroom is coming along and the work that she has done; motivations and rewards she uses in her classroom; cleaning tips and house cleaning solutions; free printables like calendars and more.

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