Cream Collon Biscuits, Puke Crackers and PEE Cola: The World's Most Disgustingly Named Foods Revealed

We've seen it all in this day and age, but you are going to be very interested to see these funny foods. There are actually some pretty weird foods out there like Cream Collon Biscuits, Puke Crackers and PEE Cola: The World's Most Disgustingly Named Foods Revealed. Many of the packaged foods we eat these days tend to be marketed so they can sell more units and the companies can make money. Advertising goes a long way when promoting a new brand or type of processed food and the more incising the company can make the food product to the consumer, the more likely people will be prompted to purchase their product. Think of products like Coca Cola and Pepsi, these sodas are probably two of the most well known product names of all time. Pepsi and Coca Cola are both basically just flavoured caramel syrup and carbonated water, but the soda is famous and so well loved all around the world. People have to have their cola products. Even though the two sodas are very similar, there are differences when it comes to their flavour to the very aware taste tester. People have actually done studies and taste tests for different cola products and they were asked which ones they thought were which brands. Many people are not able to guess which brand of soda they are drinking.

But PEE Cola? Now what is this? Pee Cola is actually a type of dark cola like Coke or Pepsi from Ghana in Africa. The soda which has a really funny name is made and bottled in the city of Accra in Ghana, and no, it doesn't have urine of any kind in it, but it does make for a good laugh for English speakers who are traveling there and see Pee Cola for the first time. What about the Cream Collon Biscuits? That doesn't sound like a very appetizing cookie or treat at all. These cookies are basically tubes of pastry that are filled with whipped cream filling. We are still not sure why the Japanese manufactures call them Collon Biscuits, but they are actually very popular with school children in Japan. The product is made by one of Japan's leading confectioners, Gilco. Then there are the famous Puke Crackers. These crackers are actually called Only Pukeet crackers, but unfortunately for the graphic designers, the last 'ET' of Pukeet doesn't show up on the clear packaging. All you can see are the words Only Puke until you look much closer. Maybe they need to do some product rebranding. There are some other really weird foods on this list like Plopp which is actually a very popular candy bar in Sweden. Perhaps the name doesn't mean what it means to us in our English slang.

But what about a fruit juice from Venezuela called 'Terror'? That would not go over well at all with people who know what the word means in English. Maybe they were trying for a different english word? Then there are the chicken nuggets that are made from chicken breast which are called Breast Munchies. Now this company doesn't have any excuses because they are from Australia where everyone speaks English. They could have called them anything else, chicken munchies, chicken nuggets, or just plain old munchies, but they had to go ahead and call them Breast Munchies. You have to wonder about some of the name choices for this interesting food, and that maybe they even chose the shocking and disgusting names for the products so that they would get more attention and sell more products. Check them all out on Mail Online and decide for yourself, or at the very least have a good laugh.*

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