Crispy Oven Wings

I love some light and crispy spicy chicken wings - and the best part is these are crispy "oven" wings that are baked (not fried). These are such a hit at family functions, and hot summers days, not to mention the sport events that occur and the celebrations after. I found the best way to prepare the wings after you wash them is to dry the wings (with a paper towel) then, mix the wings with about a cup of flour and a tablespoon of baking powder, until they’re evenly coated with a light dusting, drizzle them with olive oil... then they are ready to bake. You need to bake them for about 40 mins until they are golden and crisp at around 450 degrees. Check them once and lightly drizzle with a bit more olive oil and turn them over on the baking sheet if they are not looking browned. The wings are not fried, but they get this light crispy texture and after perfect to dip in ranch dressing or hot sauce. Once both sides are evenly crispy they are ready to be taken out and enjoyed.

This is a recipe that you will impress your friends and family with, after you try it once, you may want to invite someone over for dinner and impress them with your culinary skills! They will be thanking you forever, and possibly coming over for dinner on a regular basis. You want to cook these on a rack over a pan so the grease can drip down and get these wings nice and crispy, that is the whole appeal to these delectable little things, isn't it? You will barely be able to wait to eat these things!

Another favorite with these wings is dipping sauces such as Buffalo wing spicy, Salsa mild, Asian Teriyaki and Creamy Parmesan Ranch. These easy to make dipping sauces are always a hit with friends and family. When you cut up some fresh vegetables like carrots and celery, these are the perfect accompaniment to the light and irresistibly crispy chicken wings mentioned above and when served with some fresh beers on a hot summers day, well they will still be talking about the meal when they return to the office. Your mouth is going to water just looking at the photos on the site, wait till you try it!

You have to love recipe site, and this one is no exception. Here you will find unique and fun recipe creations to try. The creator of the blog is not a trained chef, and really doesn't take food all that seriously, but with that said likes to keep things interesting when she is cooking. With each recipe you can always try to adapt it to make a variation of your own. As far as she is aware the recipes are her own unique creations, but of course some are just adjusted versions of old classics that we all know and love. There is a lot of eye balling and taste testing when it comes to the measuring of the ingredients in the recipe, so if you feel like the recipes aren't exact enough, feel free to email her with your questions.

For this recipe blogger being creative and experimenting in the kitchen is what its all about, and sometimes you are going to fail, that's okay, don't fret because its part of cooking. And don't be afraid to take short cuts, if you know a good kitchen tip or hack feel free to use it, because in the end it is what suits you best. You might want to take a peek at the recipe page, be prepared to get excited with recipes like a Pancake Fried Monte Cristo (seriously!), crispy fried apples and that's just on the dessert page. On the appetizer page you will find some irresistible recipe like Sloppy Jose sliders, and these little Pumpkin Corn Dog Bites served with some tasty maple mustard.

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