DIY Rustic Log Bird Feeder

Bird watching is one of life's simple pleasures and a reminder to take a moment and observe the beauty of nature around us. By taking walks in nature regularly and paying attention to what is going on around us, we begin to see patterns everywhere in nature. Birds are one of the most fascinating subjects to observe whether you are out in the forest or your own back yard.

Building a simple back yard bird feeder is an easy way to attract many varieties of birds to your property. A hollowed out a log with an opening along one side can be filled with birdseed and hung in a tree to attract beautiful song birds that you can observe from the comfort of your home. You will most likely see a lot of the same resident birds coming to your feeder every day. If you watch carefully and frequently, you may be lucky enough to also see some passing migrant birds that are rare in your area.

You can research the birds in your area with a bird book or on a bird website. Learn about the preferred foods of the birds in your region, so you know what to put in your bird feeder. Many websites also have recordings of bird song, which will help you to identify birds if you can hear them better than you can see them. You may also want to invest in a pair of binoculars so you can see specific markings to help you distinguish between various species.

If you are going to feed the birds, you might expect to see some competition from your local squirrel population. Depending on where you live your birds may also face competition from raccoons and other wild life. Keep a close eye on your feeder to make sure your feathered friends have first dibs.

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