Drip a Wet Paper Towel in Fireplace ASHES and SEE the Results

Do you have a fireplace in your home? If so, you don't want to miss this great tutorial on cleaning a fireplace. Dipping a wet paper towel in the ashes left in your wood burning fireplace has great results that you won't believe. Jamie from DIY Home Sweet Home has some awesome house cleaning tips for us all to try out in our own homes. House cleaning can be quite the chore, but if you create a routine and use tricks that you have learned, it can make it that much easier. You probably learned how to clean from a member of your family, and you probably started out by doing chores around your home as you got older. This is a great way for kids to learn how to keep their houses clean and to making cleaning a part of a weekly or daily routine. But even if we didn't learn how to clean as kids, there is plenty of help from people on the internet teaching us house cleaning tips and methods. From videos to blog posts like this one from DIY Home Sweet Home, we can learn new ways to clean almost everything in our house. People have made informational posts on how to clean your stove, to how to clean your shower, as well as how to dust your whole house. Taking these tips and tricks and using them in your own routine will assist you in getting your chores done easily and effectively.

When it comes to household chores, cleaning a fireplace can be a messy job. People who have wood burning fireplaces know the joy of having a crackling fire to enjoy once in a while, but all of that burned wood leaves behind piles of ashes that need to be cleaned up afterward. Leaving the ashes in the fire place can be unhealthy to leave in your home so it is important to clean out your fireplace regularly especially if you are using it a lot. People who use their wood burning fireplaces for a heat source will be using their fireplace much more regularly than someone who uses their fireplace simply for an additional heat source and ambiance. When you use your fireplace every day, the ashes are sure to build up pretty quickly, and so, some people may have to clean out their fireplaces more than once a week. But don't throw all of those ashes away, because they can be put to good use.

In this tutorial, the ashes in the fireplace are used in a way you would have never expected. Usually you would just vacuum or sweep up the ashes from your fireplace and throw them away, but this tutorial makes good use of those ashes left behind from past fires. It may surprise you how the ashes are used, but if you have a wood burning fire place, you should definitely try this great tip. The method she shows us how to do is really easy, and, it is also a great, natural way to clean your fireplace. With all of the different chemical cleaners out on the market, its so great when you can find an environmentally responsible way to clean your home. This tutorial also uses paper towels which aren't always the more environmentally friendly option, but you can find eco friendly paper towels that are made out of 100% recycled paper. Then, once you are done using your paper towels, you can also throw them in your compost bin so that they don't go into the landfill. Jamie shares her awesome discovery with us on her website so we can try it out in our own homes. Enjoy this great house cleaning tip from Jamie and try out more of her tips on her blog DIY Home Sweet Home.***

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