Glazed Lemon Monkey Bread

Oh Wikidee lovers, yes, it is time for Glazed Lemon Monkey Bread! Mmmmm! Oh yeah!

Here we have a wonderful recipe brought to us by none other than the recipe rebel herself.

She calls herself the recipe rebel because she's a staunch, stubborn, playful cook, who doesn't follow recipes to the letter. Always ready to improvise, she eyeballs her recipes and adds/omits however she sees fit. She's not apologetic either. As she says in her blog, it's not like anyone hoity-toity comes to dine at her table anyways, besides, this the magical technique that allows her to stumble upon many of the wonderful recipes she offers on her awesome blog.

I'm pretty convinced that no one else is complaining either, by the looks of the luscious collection of recipes she has on her site. Take it from me: This recipe is definitely worth a try and worth the eat. The ingredients are simple and the recipe is easy to make. It's a cinch!

You may be asking why it's called Monkey Bread if there are no bananas in it. I've found that most recipes with the word "monkey" in their title usually have bananas in them. Alas, I've come to the conclusion that it's because the squished-in 1" balls of dough, that are dipped in lemon sugar and form the bread, are the real monkeys in here. The poor monkeys are trapped under all that lemon sugar mixture, and then to make matters worse, they're baked until they're fluffy and then they're drizzled with that thick glaze. What a delicious tragedy that is!

Now, you can make this easy recipe yourself to find a suitable ending to this monkey predicament. The recipe serves 8-10 and it freezes well too.

To get started with this fun recipe you can grease or use non stick cooking spray on a large sized bundt pan, and set aside. Then in a medium bowl combine some melted butter, granulated and lemon zest. Now roll the bun dough into balls and cover in some of the lemon sugar mixture. Place the rolled dough in the bundt pan, and when all the dough is in the bundt pan, cover it up with some plastic wrap, then some aluminum foil, and set in fridge overnight.

While this recipe doesn't have bananas it does have lots of lemon zest, and lemon juice making it a tangy and sweet soft bread to enjoy. Lemons are a great addition to lots of dessert recipes from lemon meringue pie, to lemon square and lemon tarts, there is something sunny and delicious whenever lemons are include. You can use so much of the lemon, from its juice, zest and rind in all sorts of great foods and drinks. You will find lemon juice in all sorts of things from cocktails, lemonade and soft drinks. You can also use lemon juice in a marinade for fish and meat recipes. You can even use lemon juice for all sorts of cleaning projects, which is nice especially considering how good it smells. A little cleaning trick using lemons, is to use a half lemon that has been dipped in salt or some baking powder to brighten your copper cookware. The reason why this works is that the acid from the lemon dissolves the tarnish and then the abrasives used help to clean.

The Recipe Rebel blog was created by Ashley, who loves to cook and bake. She also likes to eyeball recipes and improves when she can, alas the name of the website. On the site you will find her creative twists on classic recipes, and favorite family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. You will find all the recipes you need on this site to give you some new ideas in the kitchen from appetizers, dessert recipes, frozen recipes, main dish recipes, and pizza recipes.

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