How To Build A Rabbit Hutch

Do you own a rabbit at home? Raising a rabbit is not only fun but it is also a huge obligation and responsibility. It does not just include feeding them or cleaning them and ensuring their health but also giving them a safe home where they can live protected from the elements. If your rabbit loves to play around and you have it in a small cage, then you really need to create a rabbit hutch.

You should keep in mind that building it yourself will require some time and effort, however, if you are endowed with a creative and sharp mind, have a bit of a sense for building and a few basic tools, then you can simply do it yourself plus, you can add a personal touch to it. Yes you really could make a do-it-yourself safety abode for your well-loved pet and experience the satisfaction you get from making something yourself.

Plan and know which design you know will work for your rabbit hutch. The most common materials used in creating standard rabbit hutches are wood and wire. Their shape and dimension will depend on which one you find the most appealing. Another factor that affects its size is the number of rabbits you will have to put in it, obviously the more rabbits you have the bigger you need. And a word of caution, be sure if you get two baby bunnies you do not get a boy and girl as you will not believe how quickly more bunnies will come along. I know a story of a lady who thought she had two female bunnies, until the first batch of babies was born. Two turned into about 30. In this case the people lived on farmland, and just kept building more cages allowing rabbits to become a part of the lifestyle. My goodness...rabbits really do reproduce quickly!

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