Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bottom Cheesecakes with Vanilla Bean Salted Caramel

When it comes to desserts there are so many amazing ones to choose from out there, its just wild how many different yummy treats there really are! Like these amazing looking Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bottom Cheesecakes with Vanilla Bean Salted Caramel... Wow... do these ever look amazing! With so many dessert recipes, it can be hard to choose which one you want to try next. Sure, we all have our favourite go - to recipes that are good old standbys that we know and love and that are super easy to make, that we have been making for years. For me, it's definitely Wacky Cake, which I learned how to make when I was 9, and it is such an easy cake to make that is done in no time at all, perfect for making in a pinch and you usually always have the ingredients on hand. That, or chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are super simple to make, and right there, there are so many different variations of the recipe to try!

But it is nice to try a new recipe once in a while, something you have never tried before, that you can test out and see how it tastes, and if it is easy to bake or not. Sometimes it is fun to make new recipes when you are going to share them with other people. This just makes it fun for everyone, including you, because you get to see how well they go over with people. So then you really know if you would make them again and again, or if they were just a one time thing. Like for me, berry polenta was a one time thing, it was really weird to make and it didn't taste that great, so I probably will never make it again.

These Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bottom Cheesecakes with Vanilla Bean Salted Caramel, look like they would taste soooo good! Natalie from the Life Made Simple food blog admits that she absolutely LOVES cheese cake, you can tell by all of the cheesecake recipes that she has on her food blog. She has introduced these little cheese cakes with a chocolate chip cookie dough bottom, with a salted vanilla bean salted caramel topping... even the title is enough to make you want to try one, isn't it?! Basically she says that these are little bites of heaven! And we believe her! You could also make this as a full sized cheese cake, but the little ones are so much more fun and they give each person just the right little bite, and they can always have more than one of course!

She makes the cookies from pre made cookie dough, in mini cheese cake tins, and then pours the cheese cake mixture in on top of the cookie that has been baked for just a short time. Then you bake the whole thing until the cheese cake is just set, and then you drizzle the caramel topping on the top of the cheese cakes and top with some coarse sea salt. They are refrigerated for a couple of hours before eating, and be warned, these will not last long at all!

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