She Dumps Cans Of Fruit Into This Dish Ė What She Makes? I Canít Wait to Taste

She Dumps Cans Of Fruit Into This Dish - What She Makes? I Can't Wait to Taste it! This dump cake recipe is a quick vegetarian dessert recipe with a cake mix, cherry pie filling, pineapple, brown sugar, butter and walnuts on top. Doesn't it look and sound great? This dessert recipe makes a great potluck dessert, you can even change the cherry pie filling to peach or apple maybe, you could also make a black forest dump cake. You'll want to watch the video for more details. This is an awesome recipe to make for any occasion. It would be great for a nice and quick birthday cake, or for a dinner party or a potlatch. A great recipe to make if you have nothing planned and need to make something quickly before you go to an event, or before people come over for dinner.

The 16 minute video tutorial is an excellent walk along through the dessert recipe process, especially great for both novice and even for more experienced cooks, this lady knows what she is doing and offers lots of great tips along the way. Recipes with cherries are definitely one of my favorites, they remind me of my mothers baking, usually something we had on birthdays or holidays. This dump cake is fun to prepare and great for both family and friends. You will really want to watch Nana make this cherry dump cake, its quite the process. I always find that video tutorials just make things so much easier. Its much easier than having to keep looking at a recipe book or a recipe online. It's almost like she has her own little cooking show on You Tube. There are many people doing this now, and it is a great way to get information on a variety of different things that you might need help with. Like makeup tutorials, jewelry making videos, and so much more! There are so many great videos on You Tube, and on this particular channel, Margarets Lifestyle. There are so many great recipes all right there for you to watch!

You can find a variety of great recipe videos on Nana's Cookery some of the detailed videos include recipes for fried chicken strips, banana cake, easy how to delicious carrot cake, Queen Elizabeth cake recipe, Nana's cookery soda bread, sour cherry cake (hungarian style), and coffee cake to name a few. The nice thing about these video recipe tutorials is she adds lots of great tips and suggestions along the way, it's a great way to seep the step by step process of the recipe, its like you nana being there with you, guiding your baking and cooking process. This is a great site to subscribe to for lots of great recipe ideas. Make sure you follow her by subscribing to her You Tube channel, and that will make sure that you will get updates on whenever she uploads new videos. To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Margarets Lifestyle," website.

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