Slow Cooker Balsamic Roast Beef

Do you love roast beef? Well, if you do, then this dish will be perfect for you. Bless the person who has created this delicious recipe. Take a look at the picture. What do you think? *winks* Makes you hungry now, dosen't it? For me, anything that has beef is delectable! If you want to have a candle light dinner with your special someone, or a full on meal with family or friends, why not try this one? Certainly, this would make the entire dinner memorable for everyone. Why wouldn't it? And you know what’s more interesting in this recipe? It has balsamic vinegar in it. Well, I know you're wondering already (not for those who already know, of course!) Do you have any idea what balsamic vinegar is? Me neither. I'm curious about it, actually. So now, together, let us discover a little about balsamic vinegar.

Well, the recipe includes balsamic vinegar which according to some people tastes sweet and sour. Let us fill our minds first about what balsamic vinegar is. According to Peggy Filippone, a home cooking expert and writer at “”, balsamic vinegar is “considered as wine vinegar” but actually, it’s the contrary. It is made from grape pressings that are “boiled down to dark syrup and then aged under strict restrictions”. Does it have similar process in making wine? Yes? I’m not sure. Ok. So anyway, balsamic vinegar comes from Italy (something Italians should be proud of!). Balsamic vinegar has different uses. According from the website “the kitchen”, balsamic vinegar can be used “to finish soups and sauces,” “in braised dishes,” as syrup, and “for marinating meat and tofu”. In this dish, tomato sauce, beef broth, garlic and sage are mixed with balsamic vinegar for it to become a sauce. Perfect dish, isn't it? You can prepare this any days you like! From regular to holidays, why not?

Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Relative Taste" website below.

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