This Guy Puts A Wine Glass Over A Candle. The Result? This Has To Be Magic

When it comes to diy ideas and funny pranks to pull on your friends, the internet is the place to find them. Like this prank where a guy puts a wine glass over a candle, teaching us a magic trick. You're not going to believe what happens, and most likely, you'll want to try it out for yourself. This would be a great party trick to show all your friends when you're out for a drink or at a house party. People love seeing these kinds of magic tricks that combine a little bit of mystery with science to have everyone in amazement. For this trick all you need is a tealight candle or a cherry if you are at the bar and they don't have candles on the table. Then you need a quarter glass of wine, a wine glass, a plate and a lighter to light the candle or the cherry. Tell your friends that you know how to get wine into an upside down glass, to which they will have some disbelief. Light your tea light candle with your lighter and pour some of the wax onto the plate sticking the candle in it. If you're using a cherry, light the stem and set it on the plate. Then pour the glass of wine on the plate and place the wine glass upside down over the candle. Your friends will probably be very doubtful that this will work until the wine starts to be sucked up into the wine glass, as if by magic.

Once the wine is in the glass, you can carefully hold the plate to the glass and quickly flip it right side up transferring the wine into the glass, proving that you can get wine into an upside down glass. Isn't that cool? Try it out at home when you can and see how it works for you and then show it to your friends. You could even do this trick with kids and use a colored juice instead. How this works is the candle under the wine glass creates a vacuum as it extinguishes which causes the air to suck up the liquid on the plate. With the plate still in place, the wine is vacuum sealed in the glass until the seal is broken by removing the glass or turning the glass right side up and gravity pulls it back down into the glass. It would be a fun science experiment to do with your kids who could guess what they think will happen to the juice on the plate and it will help them have an appreciation for the magic of science.

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