Top 10: Paradises On Earth

Oh what is a dream but to live in paradise? If you can't live in one, might as well pay a visit to one of the paradises that we have on earth. Life is too short to stay in one place, so do your best to travel and see the world. It should be one of your goals to be in all the paradises, but if you think that is impossible; well why don't you meditate the words "nothing is impossible" every day and see what happens. Here are some of the most visited and best paradises that we have gathered so far that you won't help yourself, but save up real quick to pack your bags and book a flight to go in one of these amazing places. Let the countdown begins.

1. Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico- The U.S. Navy inhabited this paradise for the longest time, and we all now know why, and it’s all because of the beauty that this island has. It was considered a virgin island until the US Navy ended their stay back in 2003. Now everybody is welcome to visit this place! The sand is white and it has lots of hills surrounding it. You can book your stay at the Bravo Beach Hotel, which we highly recommend because of their exquisite service. It is going to be popular one of these days, so its image of being “undiscovered” is now fading. It is best that you visit here as soon as you can.

2. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil- This has to be one of Brazil’s hidden treasures. Only a few people are allowed to enter this island. In fact, there is even a number which is 240 and it can’t go higher than that. This is to make sure that islands nearby are preserved.

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