Are Alien Abductions Real - or Dark Lucid Dreams?

Are alien abductions real or dark lucid dreams? This question is the study of many sleep experts, psychologists,scientists and the curious alike. What exactly are dark lucid dreams and how do they possibly fit into alien abductions? Essentially, dark lucid dreams are experienced during sleep paralysis occurring only on the sleep-wake border. This is the realm where dark lucid dreams can happen. Dark lucid dreams also know as hypnagogic hallucinations and dreams. Trying to explain the bizarre circumstances of waking up paralyzed, the brain creates nightmarish hallucinations. Like dreams, it is believed that these hallucinations are drawn from our unconscious beliefs about reality.

Many alien abduction reports, share the same features. Those features closely resemble the things we experience during sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder that some experience often and others never experience at all. Sleep paralysis is that slight disconnection between the brain and the body when you are first waking up. It can be a pretty scary moment. This moment can last for a few seconds or even a few minutes! During this time you wake up unable to move. There is a that feeling of panic and you try harder to move. During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) our muscles are unresponsive to the firing of the motor neurons in the brain. This is so we won't act out our dreams. The eyeballs and the chest and possibly the extremities, such as the finger tips are unaffected by this paralysis. Therefore when you begin to wake up and you can't move, your mind panics and comes up with a story through a waking (lucid) dream or hallucinations, or so it is thought by some experts. Dark lucid simply means waking nightmares.

Essentially sleep experts believe that alien abductions are a cruel trick of the mind. They believe that abductees are sane and realistic, but that what they experience is not an abduction at all. Rather experts say, they are the victims of cultural influence combined with sleep paralysis, a common sleep disorder.

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