Marshmallow in the Middle Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes or fairy cake for British and Australian English are cakes intended to serve one person. It can be baked using a small thin paper or an aluminum one. Just like cakes, cupcakes can be filled with decorations, icing or candies whichever you prefer. Now, why settle for commercial cupcakes when you can create, bake and design your own? You want to know the detailed procedures on how to create a cupcake with marshmallow in the middle? Well, it might be helpful if you jot down notes for the recipes. Ready?

First things first, you may buy regular chocolate or any food cake mix of any brand at your local store and blend it accordingly by following the directions written at the back of the pack. For better result you may add a teaspoon of vanilla unto the mixture and prepare your tidbits, regular size marshmallows, and chocolate frostings. This can be purchase in the grocery area near you. After mixing the cake batter, fill up the cupcake liners one half way with batter and push the regular marshmallow into the centre and bake it.

Once done, you’ll see a crater at the middle. As soon as it comes out, push the regular marshmallow or the large mallows that you have bought into the centre, then allow to pop them back in the oven for about two to three minutes. After the said time, get a spoon or any kitchen utensil to help coax the cupcakes out of the oven into the pan and let it cool in your cupcake cooling rack. Then frost it for a while, add some icings if you like, sprinkle any chocolate chips or design it according to what you desire. Boom! As simple as ABC you already got your own home-made cupcake. Congratulations!

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