Want Your Bacon a Little More Crispy?

So you want your bacon to be crisp and still tender? Not that brittle fall apart, burned kind of crisp either? Sometimes the heat is too high, and it burns the bacon or cooks it unevenly, leaving you with gross charred pieces of meat. No one likes that.

But how do you get the perfect temperature? What can you do to get the perfect bacon every time you cook it, especially if you like your bacon crispy and not chewy? Well, America's Test Kitchen shows us just how to achieve the perfect crispiness of bacon without losing its tenderness and not burning it. In this super quick video tip on Youtube, Bryan Roof shows you exactly what to do and how to do it step by step with a tried and tested method. The people at America's Test Kitchen are like scientists of cooking, testing each recipe sometimes up to 70 times to ensure perfect results. To bring us all the best in cooking techniques. The test kitchen is located in Boston and has 12 or more professional chefs working to bring us the latest in cooking methodology and techniques. Bryan shows that getting crispy, tender bacon is as easy as adding some water to the pan you are frying it in and altering the temperature throughout the cooking time so that you don't end up burning it and getting that nasty charred taste. How awesome is that?

Go ahead and try it out! I know I probably will the next time I cook bacon! There are more videos on cooking bacon, other meats and so much more on the America's Test Kitchen Youtube channel. So head over and watch the most recent videos of cooking to perfection.

Be the master chef in your family and share the tips you find too! Watch at just below at the 'You Tube' link.

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