Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes Recipe

When it comes to making dinner you can never have too many main dish recipes to get you started This "Budget Savvy Diva," recipe is the pretty easy to do, and you'll love the rustic look of this recipe.

If you want to make this chicken mozzarella pasta recipe with sun dried tomatoes gluten free, Barilla make a gluten free pasta that is great, and doesn't cost too much more per box. You can also add some parsley to give the pasta recipe a little bit of green color. Some of the ingredients you will need for this recipe include garlic cloves, sun dried tomatoes, chicken breast tenders, paprika, milk, mozzarella cheese shredded. parsley to garnish, red pepper flakes to taste and salt. To start you will want to dice up the sundried tomatoes. In a large pan add oil and garlic and sun dried tomatoes, if the mixture is dry you will want to add some extra oil. While the mixture is cooking, you can cook the pasta according to the instructions on the box. Remember to take out about 1/2 cup of the pasta water before you drain the pasta. Add the chicken to the pan, and season with seasoning, paprika and red pepper flakes. Cook the chicken.

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